Wednesday, December 23, 2009


last sunday, a blustery gray day, i had the absolute pleasure of taking jared and emerald out on a photo shoot in downtown chattanooga. they are so much fun!
i met jared through mutual friends and he is a great photographer, you can look at his images here!

this shoot was very rock and roll. we just walked all within 2 blocks and shot in all these great backgrounds. lovely times lovely couple lovely imagery.

so i am in scranton, pa this week with my family.
i made the mistake of driving all night to get here, which i discovered i am not good at.
august came with, and my parents love him.

my dad says "sara, i noticed august has a scar on his belly. did something happen?"
i reply, "that is his belly button".
my dad gets really serious and says: "you had his belly button removed??!"

i had just taken a bite of pizza and spit it out all over the table. for the next few minutes my brother and i made all sorts of jokes about august being hatched from eggs.

most handsome companion.

snow. 415am. virginia. ihop.