Sunday, December 13, 2009

train car, bokeh, bare feet.

24 hours ago, i was a content passenger on a 1924 train!
we left from chattanooga, had a wonderful served dinner on the way to chickamauga, strolled around the station at chickamauga, and then rode back. it was a long ride! it was soooo great!

there's something about trains that is really magical to me. i live right next to the tracks and when i hear it it always sounds like something different. sometimes it sounds like an orchestra warming up. sometimes a harmonica. sometimes playful. sometimes urgent.
in college, i would climb parked trains and read books or write under the yellow streetlights.
i have chased the train a few times, but those are all longer stories...

and so the wonderful adam took me on a train date!

our waiters had bowties, i got my first foot massage, i took a vast amount of out-of-focus photos to emphasize bokeh (which makes me feel cheerful and makes my mind feel in focus--sounds crazy, but it is true).
i could ride a train every day. i want to ride a train every day.

i love the photos from this date because, quite frankly, they are sentimental.
i am a sentimental girl! who knew?

sherlock holmes was on my mind a lot on this trip (though i know he rode in hansoms, being on a train had a very sherlock-mood to it).

trains trains trains! if only i could time travel and visit the 1920s for a week...