Thursday, December 10, 2009

showing up matters.

just recently i was told that
"eighty percent of success is showing up."
showing up matters.
(thank you blake).

life is about turning corners.
i used to walk all over downtown cleveland at night and pretend i was the only human in town, maybe even the world. and with every corner i turned, i would get uncontrollably excited about what i might run into. i mean, the unknown is heavy with possibilities! and i visualized the most fantastic things awaiting me around the corner.

my mind is a derailed train, every day.
my thoughts jump and switch tracks every few seconds. i am aware and in-tune.
today i saw all the roads i can take in my life. i mean, i can do anything! i am not in the least bit tied down. i can stay. i can go. i can go anywhere. and i can do anything if i work hard enough.
if i show up.

so i'm showing up.

thought: i keep catching myself starting to take life too seriously. i don't want to buy a house, get a new car, and lose myself in this american dream of debt and a fenced in yard. but it's almost contagious! my heart, or something inside of my chest, feels pulled towards things that involve intuition, my feet moving, and wide open spaces.

it's scary because people waste their lives. that is a real thing.
don't waste your life.