Monday, March 23, 2009


This is Carly, shot in the vast living room of the 164.
I am posting this wide shot to show that...finding a composition within a space this large (and nasty looking) can be sort of overwhelming. There's a ton you can do in this living room. But this is my favourite shot (the last shot on here) and it's in a 1-2 foot space.

Carly is gorgeous and one of the nicest girls around.
I had the honour of photographing her wedding in WA blew my mind. Talk about crying at a wedding...

This last shot was:
Canon 5D, ISO 200, 1/90th, F4.5, 50mm lens.
I used a ProPhoto umbrella.

I dig this photo because of the repeating square shapes and lines...the table, the floor tiles, the couch cushion, the pillow.