Monday, March 30, 2009

hey Dj!

Friday night I went to a Dj live event dance party at Pearl Street in Northampton to photograph the event. Now, dance parties aren't really my thing... parties in general aren't really my thing. But I went and it ended up being an awesome, awesome night.

The Dj's were super cool. They do live media (screen show of neat images/designs) while they dj. Then, early in the night I met a super cool guy and got to hang out with him later. Since I'm not really a night person (I get up too early to stay up late) it was unexpected and awesome. I made a new friend, got a new mix cd, and photographed cool dj's.

The following afternoon I took portraits of Andy the Dj.

I started shooting the show with bounce flash, but later switched to the Canon 135mm f2 lens and shot wide open with available light and liked it way better.
Canon 5d, 135mm, ISO3200
1/15, f2.0

Andy Kyte.
Canon 5d. 50mm, ISO 100
1/250. f1.8

This was an awesome weekend.
I thrive in warmth. Cold cripples and I am thankful for warm weather.