Friday, March 27, 2009

catchlights. mmmm.

The windows at the 164 reflect the most perfect catchlights.
Especially with reflective eyewear.

Willy boy:

With catchlights, I like them to be big enough that they're roughly the same size of my fingertip.

Let's talk about the teachers at my school for a minute: they are awesome and hilarious.
And they help me chose gear.
Speaking of gear: I just ordered two one-terabyte harddrives.

This will be my new workflow:

Shoot to CF card.
Download the card to the TWO harddrives connected to my MacBookPro.
Burn an archive dvd.
Import into Adobe Lightroom and flag the keeper shots.
Delete the obvious bad shots off both harddrives.
Export the keeper shots to the Lightroom catalog as DNGs.
Rank the best of the best DNGs.
Do basic edits of the DNGs in Lightroom and then do the super tweaks in Photoshop CS3or4.
Burn archive DVD of the final TIFFs.

Good thing I really like being organized.

I don't think people realize how expensive things are when you're a photographer. By photographer, I mean: have paying clients.
Computers, archiving, monitors, calibration, editing & cataloging software, camera, lenses, flash, lights, props, CF cards, tripod, etc. This stuff adds up! Example: my tripod cost me three hundred dollars. It's an awesome tripod. And plus, it doubles as a weapon.


Canon 5D, ISO200, 50mm
1/1000, f2.0, Speedlite (dialed down three stops)

This was a fun shoot (Brandon). If you're familiar with the television show Psych: Brandon is exactly like Sean. Exactly. Look alikes and they behave the same way. It's awesome!
Hopefully I'll be shooting Brandon more in the future.