Thursday, March 12, 2009

Newport, RI

Scranton, PA.
The house my mom grew up in (and that I have spent much of my childhood in)

Scranton, PA

I am jumping out of my skin about going back to visit Tennessee. Talk about magic...I have had the most magical experiences there.
Maybe because I spent my time moving all over the world (military father), Cleveland is special to me because it is the longest I have ever lived anywhere. Whatever the case...Cleveland and I are connected.

I miss living downtown. I miss the train sticking its mouth inside my always-open windows and blaring at me to wake up and play. I miss the suns fingers tousling my hair in the early morning, urging me to come out. I miss Black Tony throwing rocks at my window so that I'd hang out of the window and talk to him. I miss sitting around with my room-mates drinking beer and talking about Jesus, girls, boys, and all the gritty things in life. I miss being woken up by music and the band downstairs tracking drums.

The following photographs were made with love and sunshine and my friends who I am quite thrilled to be seeing.

In this photo they took off their hats to show that they had much more hair than I did.

my room-mates at the 164.

Jules was shaving his head. It was awesome.

Favourite ex-boyfriend.

We took this photo outside our apartment, and then I put my camera in its bag, got into my car and moved to MA.

Saturday night: I have a date with Tennessee.