Monday, March 23, 2009

Work hard. Be yourself.

Spring Break 2009.

Well, before I talk about spring break, I would like everyone to go listen to Jeff Buckley's song "Be Your Husband" on the album "Live at Sin-e". I have it on repeat. Soulful and romantic.

Now, not many people would choose to spend their 2009 spring break in Cleveland, TN.
Clearly, I did.

I drank about seventeen gallons of sweet tea (that could actually be true), woke up early, hung out with the train, photographed non-stop, ate Bojangles four times, was hugged a lot (that was maybe my favourite part), climbed into the warehouse next door to shoot in at 3am, went to a hardcore show that I actually enjoyed, etc. etc. I almost wish I hadn't shot so much and just lazed around more, but I reckon there will be time for that after I move back in July.

The following are just snapshots, more will be posted soon.

Jules, the manny head, and SR.

the Hat club. SR, Ourtna, & Lyton. They are incredible humans.

It is from this window that I can see the train. My friend, the train.

This was taken through Tylere's window on the way to the show in Chattanooga.

(L to R) Will, Jill, Tylere, Jelly Lelly, Sam, SR)

This is hilarious. Ok:
This is Jelly Lelly and Jelly Lelly has a really difficult time waking up. We were all supposed to go get breakfast, so I was climbing on JellyLelly and poking him, trying to wake him up. Nothing. He didn't care. After several more minutes of my persisting, he simply said "Jelly Lazy" and passed back out.
New nickname? yes.

I really like the South.