Thursday, April 2, 2009

Charlie Supreme: a young man's wish and an old man's dream.

listen to Jeff Buckley's song "The way young lovers do" on the Live at Sine-e album.
Talk about being entirely present in the moment. He is completely there, in the music and the sound. It thrills me.

Moving on to other great art: Kurt Vonnegut. "A Man Without a Country." (Notice how I put the period inside of the parentheses...even though book titles don't have periods.) I read it and laugh and laugh and laugh! The man is a master of wit. Maybe even THE master of wit. He gets me and I get him.

My dad came to visit me yesterday. Now, if you don't know about my dad...he is awesome.
Seventh degree black belt, retired AF Colonel, retired pastor, and the best dad in the world. He can grow a beard like a silver fox (but usually doesn't).

He taught me the right way to block a punch and stab someone in their vital organs, if I am ever threatened with harm. Yes.