Saturday, April 18, 2009

8th graders.

Catlin and I attended eighth grade together in Fall River, MA.
The school was teeny tiny and we had to wear plaid skirts with maroon knee socks everyday (which I actually loved).

Now we are adults and she was awesome enough to drive over (up? down?) to my school and let me photograph her.

We have an assignment that is: a Public Relation headshot and an alternative portrait using the same model. I'm not going to post the PR..boooooring! But here is a candidate for the alternative.

Mamiya 645, 150MM, ISO 50,
1/60, F13
Figure out the lighting by looking at her eyes.

I got home from school at around 8.30pm last night, took my backback off, and tossed myself into bed. It was only supposed to be an hour nap because I had plans to go to Northampton. Next thing I know, its Saturday morning. Pretty rock and roll I guess. I would have liked to have gone out last night...

Ok, I have 3 shoots today so...
see ya!