Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shamus Shamus Bo Bamus

This is Shamus and he is wicked!!
He creates beaaaautiful blues music that you can listen at here.
I have had the pleasure of photographing him twice (soon to be thrice) and he's great.
Also, his pitbulls are SO NICE! I love them. A lot. Tons. So much.

50mm, ISO 200,
1/125, f1.8

50mm, ISO 125,
1/60, f1.8

50mm, ISO 125.
1/125, f1.8

35mm, ISO 125,
1/180, f2.0

35mm, ISO 50,
1/45, f11, one white umbrella

Today I am shooting my interior shot and re-shooting Shamus with the lovelies.
But all I can think about right now is how hungry I am. Coffee makes me very hungry.

Life consists of:
Shoot, shoot, and re-shoot. And then maybe re-re-shoot.
Ya dig?!