Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mikey C; the radomness of life.

this boy was touring my school a few weeks ago and the faculty member stopped by my computer and asked if i would show the boy what i was working on.
i did.
turns out, this boy lives a the town next to scranton, PA (where all my family lives). so i got his number and arranged to photograph him when i was there.

this weekend, i went to PA.

50mm, ISO 160,
1/180, f1.8

50mm, ISO 160,
1/180, F2.0, silver reflector

50mm, ISO 250,
1/125, f2.8, silver reflector

35mm, ISO 125,
1/90, f2.0, silver reflector

50mm, ISO 125,
1.125, f2.0, fill flash

Mikey C is awesome.
Ask me how much retouching I had to do to his skin?
Answer: none.