Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three boys, a camera, and a night in the studio

The portrait studio still isn't really my thing, but I'm trying to own it and get a better grasp on it. But being just so nice!

Mamiya, 150mm, ISO 50,
1/45, f16

Today my friend Greg helped me shop. I think that is awesome. Not only is he a boy, but I am a picky consumer. I don't understand what the current style is where everything looks like a potatoe sack, but I will not buy into it. The bad news is: my favourite pair of leggings (that I wear 6 days a week, sometimes 7) ripped in a major way and are now unsuitable for public display. Very unfortunate.

Well, this is Greg. He is funny. Fubby to be exact. (Pretty obnoxious to make inside jokes in a blog, eh).

Canon 5d, 35mm, ISO 125,
1/4, f3.5, window light & bounced flash

Canon 5D, 50mm, ISO 200,
1/8, f3.5, window light&bounced flash

Today was another good day!
I've been shooting so much. You will never see all the images, because there are that many.

I love making photos more than...well, more than almost anything.
I still really like to read, but I would probably choose my camera over a book eighty seven percent of the time.

Sigur Ros is epic and I got new rainboots today.