Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little Cousin, Eli.

I remember when Eli was a baby...and now he looms over me (and I am no short girl).
Anyways, here is Eli...he will be sweetie pie sixteen years old next week.

I don't have my harddrive plugged in, so no camera specs.
Although I know I used a silver reflector in the second one.

Today I had a great breakfast at the Shady Glen with Papa Bear and Baby Bear (Mikey C and his dad). Then I drove to CT to assist/observe the Marantz's on an engagement shoot. It was great! They are great! The town was gorgeous (Stonington, CT).
I listened to Radiohead on the way home and it was appropriate.

I didn't go to the school building at all today, which is strange for me...I miss it. It is a home to me now, since I spend a gross amount of time there (gross, as in large quantity, not as in disgusting).

Tomorrow morning I want to think of this Radiohead lyric upon waking: "wakie wakie time to rise. it's on again, off again, on pretty patterns".
Ya dig?!