Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Promos. Bands. Boys who play instruments and sing. Promos.

I got started in photography from shooting shows. Rock and roll shows. Which led to band promos. It was all very rock and roll. Very grab-your-camera-and-one-kit-lens-and-jump -in-the-car-and-go. My favourite.
When I was back home last month, I shot my friend Lyton's band: Behold the Brave.
We shot at the Old Woolen Mill, which I usually try and avoid because it's probably the most over-photographed place in the world, second only to the statue of liberty.

But I tried to incorporate some different elements, and I am content with how they look. (If it had been an overcast day, I would have been ecstatic, but that's usually the case).

But I digress and here are the images.

Canon 5d, 50mm, ISO 125
1/1500, f2.5, fill flash

I was shooting through this huge piece of circular scrap metal. This piece of metal had a hole in the middle of it (creating this wicked vingette type effect) and was just slightly larger than my lens. It was awkward for me, because I wasn't quite tall enough to see through the hole so it was a jump-and-shoot kind of thing. I also used the 16-35mm lens for more of these shots.
Canon 5D, 50mm, ISO 125
1/2000, f1.8

Canon 5D, 23mm, ISO 125
1/750, f2.8, fill flash

Here are some other band promos I have done in the past:

AsCitiesBurn (SolidState Records)
Photos taken in Atlanta, GA,

Bloodlined Calligraphy (Facedown Records)
Photo taken in Nashville, TN,

iamairplane (these guys actually stole my kitchen chair. they took it right out and put it in the back of their van, no joke.)
This photo was taken at sunrise,

I like good music as mich as the next guy.
Actually, I like good music more than the next guy.
And the new Manchester Orchestra is very, very good. Way more intense and edgier than their former album.
Ella Fitzgerald has been hanging out on a lot in my ears lately.