Monday, April 20, 2009

Mayra, baby fawn.

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Mayra.

This photo makes me think of a baby deer in a field.

50mm, ISO 125,
1/60, F4.5, fill flash and silver reflector
(it is a given, by now, that I shoot with a 5D)

I tried to go really light on the editing because it was pretty right in camera.
Just a few tweaks with the curves, levels, and some burning.

I just got home from school where I watched a nude shoot. As in, a beautiful nude dancer was on stage and Barbra Bordnick (a great photographer) was photographing the dancer. Lovely images.

Life is good and my eyes are constantly barraged with lovely things like men's hands with soft, thick fingers like lion paws, perfectly circular eyeballs, wind that has delicate fingers (that touches my skin more than my eyes), and the Jonas Brothers.