Monday, April 6, 2009

Michelle and Ryan: on how awesome they are.

Meet Michelle &Ryan, an AWESOME interactive couple that I am all about!
These shots were taken in downtown Greenfield, MA.

Canon 50D, 50mm, ISO 125
1/350, F2.0

Canon 5D, 50mm, ISO 125
1/500, F2

Canon 5D, 50mm, ISO 125,
1/250, f2

Couples are one of my favourite subjects to photograph.
I love it! Them. It and them. I love it and I love them.
I have the distinct honour of photographing Michelle and Ryan's wedding next month and I can't wait! Big time.

Speaking of weddings...
I am moving back to the cladestine town of Cleveland, TN in July and am starting to book (weddings, engagements, portraits, band promos, family portraits, etc). So if you're interested...let me know! My first month back is getting full full full.