Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meet my three buds,

This was an awesome night and I'll tell you why:
1) Shamus is really cool.
2) Bear & Diamond are super fun (they are the dogs)
3) We drank PBR while taking these photos.
4) Shamus' room is incredible. I mean, look at it.

Canon 5D, 20mm, ISO 50
1/60, f8

Behind the scenes...

Canon 5D, 16mm, ISO 50
1/60, f6.7

So if you live in western Mass, you might have noticed that it has been wonderfully hot here lately. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!
I wake up without covers and am not cold! There are crickets that lull me happily to sleep, and then this excited choir of birds (mainly robins, I think) that wake me up.

New England summers are why I thought I would like living up here (but the winters are entirely too long).

A word about photography...
I am at the point in my life where every photograph I make is worse than the one before it. No image is good. At all. It stinks. It is a terrible feeling.

I am going to FL this weekend to vacation (not an ideal time for vacationing, but I am ahead of the game with my shot list) and am only bringing my camera for pleasure work. Well, unless I encounter something that will work for an assignment.
My brother and I are having a family weekend full of fun, sun, and rock and roll.

Wala! (which is really spelled voila!)

ps. when making sweet tea
(which I did today), the concept of
"less is more" (in regards to the sugar)
is a falsehood.