Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kevin Landes: average height, dark, and handsome.

Today I had a client pull a no-show, so I messed around with Kevin in the studio for a few minutes. He is hilarious and recently got a hair cut. His bed head, prior to the haircut, was unrivaled by any bedhead I've ever seen.

He takes aweeeeeesome fashion&commercial shots. Better than most printed magazine shots.

Ladies&Gentlemen, I present Kevin Landes:

Shots taken with the Canon 5D, both the 35mm and the 50mm,
ISO 50, 1.125, f13

Today was warm(ish), sunny, and productive.
Tommorrow my friend Mikey C (shown in a former blog) is coming up, and I get to go assist two awesome wedding photographers in CT.
It's 11.30pm now and I think I'll go home for the night.