Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday. A day unlike any other day, which makes it like every other day.

Today I had a BALL photographing these children.
They asked me if I could sleep over at the end of the shoot. That's awesome!
They were a lot of fun. I took 9 gigs of photos. And many of them were pretty good (if I can say that about my own photos?)

Being child-like is...the way to be.

35mm, ISO 160
1/180, f2.5

35mm, ISO 160
1/180, f2.5

35mm, ISO 200
1/500, f2.0
Slides make your hair static: fact.

I got my hairs cut today.
It was CONSTANTLY in my face, which made it a safety hazard. Especially since I drive with the windows whipped all over, blinding me, which was fun!...but, not something I can handle on a regular basis.
For whatever reason, my hair was growing WICKED FAST as of late. It normally takes its sweet time, but in the past two months it's been spurting out of the tiny holes in my head.
So now I have short hair mcgee and it feels so good.
Think of all the money I'll save on shampoo!

Firefly Salon
in Northampton, MA (specifically Melissa) did an AWESOME job. That place is IT.

This is what my hair looked like today (BEFORE) the cut.

As you can tell, it was unnecessarily long.

I was forced to tie it back in this messy ponytail everyday because it creeps me out to feel my hair on my neck.

Tomorrow- I am flying to Orlando, FL for the weekend.
I will NOT be answering my phone or text messages.
(Not that I'm great at that kind of thing anyways).
And if you have ever texted me, you know that my texts are in their own language, a language I like to call "i-can't-get-used-to-the-iphone-keyboard".

Good-night and good-bye for the weekend!